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Smarter tank monitoring 

Make your tanks smart and never again worry about your resources on board.

Ray One

App and Sensor

Finding it hard to know when the tank will be full?

Or where to find a pump out station that works?

With a predictive tank monitoring system, you will know well in advance when your tank will be full. Not only that - you will also be guided to a suitable marina that other users recommend.

With Ray One this is already a reality, using our innovative measurement technology it is easier than ever to keep track of all your resources on board! Sign up to receive updates when Ray One is available and get access to pilot programs.



Sensor with connectivity

Improve your measurements by adding our measurement technology to you own product.

With a predictive tank monitoring system, the user will know well in advance when the tank will be full. The sensor data is distributed through NMEA2000 or suitable Analog outputs.  

With Ray OEM, any company can improve the quality of measurements in a cost effecive way, using our innovative measurement technology.


Contact us for additional information and pricing.

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The Technology

Rippleray has invented a method for measuring the level of a fluid in a tank, completely contactless. With a sensor attached to the outside of any common tank material, our method estimates the level on the inside in a matter of seconds in full resolution. In addition to this the method also indicates when the tank is expected to be full or empty. The method is completely silent and uses no moving parts, thus being immune to physical wear. All expected connecitivty included.

Ray One is currently undergoing user testing, if you want to know more about availability then sign up to our updates!


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The Team

Behind the innovations stands the following individuals, as well as a competent selection of advisors.
Feel free to contact us for more information about the company and collaboration, but for product information we will refer to our newsletter as more information soon will be available.


Josef Hederström

Inventor and CEO

Image by Alex Suprun

Jesper Jansson

Ninja Developer

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